This excel Add-In provides functions that calculate load combinations from ASCE 7-10 2.3.2 and 2.4.1. It can also compute the maximum and minimum from all load combinations. Included in the download is an example spreadsheet that shows the use of these functions and includes a manual. When Excel is started, the Add-in will connect to this website to determine if an updated version exists and then notify the user.

One of the major advantages of this Add-in is the ability to use a range of cells for each load case. So if you have four seismic load cases and 12 wind load cases, one formula will generate the max or minimum demand based on all of those load cases.


Version 1.1 (2019/02/04) Download.

To install: extract the EngTools-AddIn-packed.xll file to someplace on your computer. In Excel, go to File->Excel Options ->Add-Ins->Manage Add-Ins Go->Browse and then browse to the .xll file and select it. The Add-in is then ready to go!


Microsoft Excel 2007 or greater.